Darlington Arts Festival

Artwork "Spring Tide" by Glen Whisson

Hi all budding junior artists,

You are invited to present your best piece of art to the


There are many different exhibitions that are being presented and the

Junior Art exhibition is one of them.

This year we embrace the theme of

The Pet I .......

dream of,

                                                                                                    or wish for,

                                                                                                      or already love,

                                                                                                          or would create

This is an easy theme for children aged 4-12 years to complete and display their creative work at the festival!

There will be prizes awarded to the best interpretation of this year's festival theme.

The art work needs to be dropped off to Darlington Tennis Club for judging on

Monday October 16th 4.30 – 7 pm or

Tuesday October 17th 5 til 8 pm,

The Darlington Arts Festival has been holding this festival since the 1950s.

That is a lot of art exhibitions.

Categories this year are


Age groupings are 4-6 7-8 9-10 11-12

For more information or for the entry form visit the website or contact:

Amanda on [email protected]

http://www.darlingtonartsfestival.org/art exhibitions